Range of services

An exact diagnosis is the basis for a successful treatment – regardless of whether orthopedic issues, chronic headaches, thoracic and abdominal symptoms are to be evaluated, or the progress of cancerous diseases is to be monitored.

As radiologists we focus on mapping the inside of the human body. The most commonly known procedure is still radiography (x-ray) which has been successfully used for over 100 years and has greatly improved in quality with considerably less radiation exposure over time. Aside from x-rays, modern radiology also works with ionizing radiation such as gamma rays or electrons.

For you, we leverage all of the expertise and exceptional experience of a highly qualified radiology team as well as a multitude of state-of-the art procedures to provide reliable, gentle, and fast diagnoses. For that purpose, we offer a broad range of innovative as well as proven radiological examination techniques at all of our clinic locations supported by first rate technical equipment of the newest generation and unparalleled in the greater Munich area.