Apparative Ausstattung

The specialist field of radiology is generally categorized as “apparatus-based medicine”. In our practice we promote humane and competent patient-focused care. However, to ensure high quality and accurate diagnostics, state-of-the-art technical equipment is indispensible.

we invest in your health

With constant equipment upgrades we make sure that we not only offer you very precise but also the most comfortable and minimally invasive examination options. In the past 20 years, radiology has undergone a tremendous progress in terms of equipment technology, and every year the medical-technical sector brings more advanced and better systems to the market.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

With magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and the use of the newest generation scanners from Siemens Healthcare in Forchheim, Germany, we constantly improve our diagnostic quality. The new 1.5 and 3 tesla scanners (Magnetom Aera and Magnetom Skyra) offer a particularly large patient opening (gantry) with a diameter of 70cm and a tunnel length of only 1.37m. You will clearly notice the difference in comparison to older devices! Even patients who suffer from claustrophobia in conventional scanners can usually be comfortably examined in these brightly illuminated devices.
The high performance of the so-called gradient magnets of the newest models allows us to perform your examination considerably faster than with magnets of the older generation; for standard screenings of the lumbar spine, knee joint or head, the examination time can be reduced by 20 – 50%, and that with superior image quality.

Based on your medical issues and your preference in terms of the location where you’d like to be examined, we will select the equipment that is best suited for your condition and perform a high quality examination

Computertomography (CT)

Computer tomography works with ionizing radiation (x-rays). One important parameter for the quality of a CT scan besides image quality is radiation exposure. Newer scanners use a significantly lower radiation dose than older models. In order to provide first rate patient services, we will soon be adding a highly sophisticated dual source scanner from Siemens (Somatom Definition Flash) to our equipment. With that, we will be the only institution in the southern region of Germany outside of larger hospitals to have such a unit of the newest generation at our disposal. With this CT scanner and its unparalleled dual tube technology, radiation exposure can be significantly reduced in so-called dual energy examinations (see dual energy CT), for example for oncological diagnostics. For all standard exams, the use of iterative image data reconstruction and low tube voltage reduces the radiation dose by 40 – 60% – a quantum leap in technology for your immediate benefit, and that in every examination at our Rotkreuzklinikum location.

With the newest scanner, examinations can also be performed in ultrashort scan times. For emergency and vascular examinations, the entire area from the neck to the pelvis can be scanned in only 2 – 3 seconds. This is particularly of benefit for seriously ill patients; in addition, this technology provides a depiction of the entire aorta (main artery) free of artifacts, e. g., in case of a suspected vascular dissection (rupture of the vascular wall). Furthermore, this new scanner facilitates an excellent image of the coronary vessels with an ultra-low radiation dose as well as a depiction of the myocardial perfusion (blood circulation in the heart), which no other CT scanner can provide, thus making our practice unique.