myocardial scintigraphy

Has your physician detected anomalies in a stress ECG or does he suspect a disease of the cardiac muscle based on specific symptoms? In this case a myocardial scintigraphy or heart scintigraphy will be performed. A myocardial scintigraphy shows circulatory disturbances or infarct scars. For your physician, this diagnostic result is an important basis for carefully targeted, individual therapy options.

Circulation, vitality and function of the heart muscle – this nuclear medical examination method provides conclusive information about a patient’s condition. The examination begins with physical exercise (stress) after which we will inject a radioactive substance. Depending on the blood circulation of your heart, this contrast medium will be absorbed by the heart muscle cells. With a gamma camera we will capture the radiation and convert it into an image or scintigram. After a longer pause we will take another set of images in rest mode. This allows us to determine if certain heart muscle sections are still sufficiently supplied with blood in rest state, but potentially not enough under physical strain or stress.