Breast MRI


Magnetic resonance imaging of the breast (breast MRI or MR mammography) is the most sensitive method to detect breast cancer. According to the provisions of the statutory health care system for outpatient care it can only be applied under the following two prerequisites:

  • Exclusion of a new carcinoma in previously treated breast cancer patients
  • Tumor screening in case of obscure lymph node metastases in the armpit

Another very important application is a diagnosis for a treatment plan for breast cancer without prior surgical intervention. This examination is most frequently performed as part of an inpatient procedure.

In addition, this method is of great significance:

  • To avoid a tissue sample (biopsy) if a diagnosis cannot be confirmed by means of a normal mammography and ultrasound
  • For diagnoses of breasts containing implants
  • In risk situations, if a normal mammogram is difficult to evaluate in patients with frequent occurrences of breast or ovarian cancer in the family

The examination itself is harmless and non-invasive.
It will be done in face-down position. The examination tube is open (you can look out to the front and back). The examination takes about 12 – 15 minutes. The important factor here is the administration of a harmless magnetic resonance contrast medium (not to be confused with x-ray contrast media).

The discussion of results in our clinics always follows directly after the examination.

Providing us with previous images and reports helps us greatly in establishing a diagnosis.

We invite you to consult one of the colleagues of our team who performs this examination. All of your questions will be answered either by phone or in person.