Computertomography (CT)

A CT scan provides a clear picture of the situation at hand slice by slice, by depicting the human body in cross section profiles and scanning the patient not only from one direction, but from all directions and in many layers by means of a rotating tube. This scan proceeds while the patient is advanced through the round opening of the device.

Subsequently, we generate three dimensional data sets on the computer from which any number of images in any thickness of any section of the body can be reconstructed. Whenever possible, we use a low-dose technique that translates into low radiation exposure for the patient. Computer tomography facilitates early detection of even the smallest organ changes in size and extent and thus provides very precise indications about the type and spread of diseases without injury to the tissue.

We use CT scans for cranial, throat, thorax, stomach and even heart diagnostics, and, thanks to our highly sophisticated CT equipment, in high resolution.