The most common cancer in women in most countries is breast cancer – and unfortunately even with increasing tendency. Mammography is a reliable method for an early detection of breast cancer and currently also the only approved procedure for screenings of women between 50 and 69 years of age.

In our clinics we use mammography of course for diagnostics of the female as well as the male breast, but also for other issues, such as family risks and tumor after-care.

Mammography can depict even the smallest calcifications which can be potential signs of tumors, but also architectural distortions are clearly visualized. This allows us to detect breast cancer long before it is palpable for the patient or physician. This examination is performed with specialized x-ray equipment. Each breast is captured vertically from above and laterally at an angle, and, if necessary also from various directions. In order to keep the radiation dose as low as possible and to get a good visual of the breast region to be examined, the breast is slightly compressed between the object table and a plexiglass plate. The soft radiation provides a more contrast-rich depiction than other x-ray methods with hard radiation.