malignant diseases

Radiation therapy is a very important step in the treatment of your cancerous disease, and we are here to support you. For us, state-of-the-art radiation equipment for the most gentle treatment techniques in step with the latest scientific findings are the basis for a promising therapy. Our objective is to destroy the degenerate cells in your body effectively and as gently as possible. Tumors may either fully regress or reduce in size or their growth may be permanently inhibited.

We offer treatments for the entire spectrum of malignant diseases, from breast cancer to prostate cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer to tumors in the head and neck region to gynecological and urological neoplasms such as skin or brain tumors or lymphoma. Parallel to radiation therapy it may be appropriate in certain cases to add a simultaneous drug therapy (chemotherapy / antibody therapy). Besides such combined treatment approaches, we also provide the option of hospital admissions with one of our cooperation partners.

Palliative radiation therapy is also a very important subdomain of our treatment options. When a full recovery is no longer possible, we can very often alleviate pain and discomfort to maintain your quality of life as best as possible by using gentle radiation techniques in just a small number of sessions.

VMAT-Bestrahlungsplan bei HNO-Tumor
VMAT radiation plan for an ENT tumor